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Product Philosophy at Transpacific (Far East) Ltd.

A statement by the CEO
Our Philosophy

" Being a foreign invested company in China, we try to differentiate ourselves from the thousands of factories in the Far East by providing the highest possible quality.


Quality for us does not only mean the quality of our garments but also the quality in the service we offer. 


We own two joint - venture (50-50%) factories in Xiamen: Transpacific (Xiamen) Apparel Ltd. At this very moment, a third factory jointly owned by Transpacific in Ganzhou, Jiangxi has been set up. 


Between others the following principles will be enforced: Compensation for overtime according to the law, limitation on a regular and overtime hours acording to the law, social security fo all the workers employed in our factory." 


Multisport (Xiamen) Apparel ltd. has been set up for the local distribution in China. The company can import and sell locally in RMB incl. VAT invoice. Multisport distributes the Swiss brand Fogal brand in China and has been others a "shop-in-shop" at Galleries Lafayette in Beijing.



CEO - Alex Tunik

The Eiger, Bernese Alps

Top of Mont Blanc

Alex Tunik at 5416 m.

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